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Presentation Day!

Presentation Day is Tiny Twinkle Toes Ballet’s special end of year event for our classes.


It’s our version of the end of year performance, made appropriate for small children, and much less stress-free for parents. We keep it very low key, our performances will take place in ONE beautiful venue for the entire week, this allows for more space for you to invite your friends and family to watch your tiny dancers shine.


We hold your Presentation Day class on your regular day and time so the children are familiar with their teacher and their activities. Forget a huge auditorium filled with strange faces: The Presentation Day performance has an audience of just Mums, Dads and special family and friends.

Tiny Twinkle Toes Open Days held at the end of each term are designed to get your child used to performing in front of small audiences. We build towards Presentation Day throughout the year!


There is only one class performing at a time, so you get to see your child shine and perform the entire time! The whole experience is about YOUR child. Mum & Dad are only a few feet away at any time enjoying their child perform. It truly is a wonderful and joyful end to our year at ballet.

There are no extra rehearsals or photo days to worry about. You are welcome to take whatever photos and videos you like of your tiny dancer as long as it is used for non-commercial purposes only.

Presentation Day is completely stress free for parents. Forget about complicated ballet costumes, crafting the perfect ballet bun or getting stage make-up for your little one. You simply turn up at your usual class time and put your dancer into their costume and attach hair piece that will be waiting for them – they also get to keep this gorgeous costume & Hair Piece.


Presentation Day costumes and hair pieces is a small additional cost invoiced in Term 4. This also includes admission for family & friends to watch the performance and a special medal for your Ballerina or Ballerino for all of their hard work!!

It’s fantastic value for money.

The focus for Presentation Day is on YOUR child’s success and enjoyment – it’s your little dancers chance to shine, and to share their love of dance with you all. I am sure you will be so proud and get a little misty-eyed as you watch your child receive their Presentation Day medal.




Presentation Day 2022!
Step right up, let's have a ball!

Firstly, a huge thank you. Presentation day was fantastic.
Thank you so much for all that you do. She had such a fantastic time today at  her Presentation Day. We were so impressed and didn’t  think it was going to be as great as it was.


Hope the rest of the concerts go well.
I loved the costumes and how everything perfectly matched. You’ve put so much
attention to detail in.

Mummy / Daddy & Me...

Thank you so very much for a wonderful performance this morning. I had tears running down my cheeks watching my beautiful granddaughter. Such a magical memory
I will cherish forever.

Tots & Twinkle Tots...

Thank you Ms Anna for another wonderful year! We appreciate your patience and support...Every year we are amazed how far out little girl has come. Looking forward to next year.


Jazz & Tap


I’m writing to pass on my thanks for the time and effort you put into such a beautiful Presentation Day.  

Miss V  just loved it and has not  taken her medal off for two days. The setting was just beautiful and the performance was gorgeous.  

You have done an amazing  job helping those
little girls perform like that.
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.
Heidi J

Ribbon 1.png

Presentation Day 2021!

You and your team out did yourselves! An amazing effort and so appreciated by our tiny dancers

- Rachel

Amazing setting as always Anna! Thanks so much for a great year of Dancing!


It's been the best one so far. Loved it so much. Thank you and your team!

- Jodi

Mummy / Daddy & Me...


This was amazing and special (as always). Thank you for all you do and making these days with out little delights so special and memorable for all the right reasons! You truly have created such a wonderful place for dance and L.O.V.E.

- Charmbers

Twinkle Tots...

Thank you, Ms Anna, for another beautiful end of year presentation! We could see a lot of hard work put in by you and our little people, to make a wonderful performance. It was so cute, they clearly all adore you and had a fun time too!



Thank you for everything you do Miss Anna! We all had a wonderful time and the girls did the most amazing performance.


Next Steps...


Ribbon 1.png

Celebration Day 2020!

"After every storm...there is a rainbow!"


Thank you for a fabulous year! You have done an outstanding job during a very difficult year and then put together the most lovely celebration.

- Sarah

AMAZING! On so many levels, with your online teaching too!

- Carol

Ruby has always loved ballet but is very shy. Ms Kylie has been absolutely magic for her, I am so impressed. Thank you all so much

- Jasmine

The best ticket in town!!!

- Kat

I also wanted to say how impressed we all were with the Celebration Day...Mia moved with real poise and grace...she is rather passionate about dance, and your own love for dancing shines through in your teaching. This is having a really positive effect of Mia, and we are very grateful.

- Greg and Susie

We wanted to thank you for everything you have done to support Theia this year. Her love for ballet continues to grow and we have you to thank for nurturing that in her. This year has been tricky, but we've made it work!

- Steffenie

A million rainbows, thank you!

- Jodi

Thank you for such a special day. Astaria has worn her costume every day since. You're such a beautiful, kind teacher...looking forward to next year.

- Lynda

Thank you for everything you have done this year and how you managed to evolve so that classes could run during COVID. Awesome Job!

- Lisa

Ribbon 1.png

Presentation Day 2019!


Thank you so very much for this morning. It's very evident how much work goes in to the preparation and running of this event. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much for instilling a love of dance in Bonita and for all of your dedication and patience.

- Kylie


Just wanted to say thank you for a great term. Addy has found so much confidence, and had a great time. Can't wait for next year. Today was absolutely fab, the costumes are the cutest things I ever saw!

- Niquila


Just want to thank you again for a beautiful year of dancing and lovely memories of ballet for Nina. We truly appreciate you and the love you have for ballet!

Thank you also very much for a very special and precious Presentation Day! It was soooo beautiful! And their tutu's just melted everyone's hearts! Everything was perfect! Thank you very,very much!

- Wilene

Georgia has so many teachers, therapists etc in her life but I can genuinely say she loves you more than anyone else she works with! She has a true love for dance and music and you have increased that so much for her this year. You have taught her so many skills you are probably not even aware of and bringing her to your ballet class is probably one of the best decision I have even made for her. You are a beautiful, kind, patient and warm hearted lady and all the children love you!

Thank you for everything you do for Georgia. Watching her in your classes makes my heart burst every single week!

- Gilly

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