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Funky Jazz and Twinkle Tappers

Ages: 3.5years - 8 years
Duration: 45 minutes
Fees: $21.00 per class


All classes are held at your NEW Studio

2/7 Gardenia Parade North Lakes

For more information please see our 2024 Timetable

 $10.00 Accident Insurance Fee will be added to your first invoice for each term
$40.00 Administration Fee will be added to your invoice yearly
End of year Event: Presentation Day, click here to find out more.
Class Overview:


Our Funky Jazz class is focused on dance, rhythm & social skills & developing co ordination & musicality. A really fun, recreational dance class, using a mixture of age appropriate pop music. We will introduce our student's to this funky & energetic dance style where your dancer will learn to bop, jump, spin & bounce plus learn choreography for their dance routine!!!   Ms Anna will teach the jazz component of this class, along with my love and passion for ballet, Jazz has been a huge part of my dancing career and life after completing all of my NZ Association of Modern Dance Examinations -  I look forward to sharing this dance genre with my dancers.


Our Twinkle Tappers class covers the basics of tap dance learning the skills of balance, musicality, co ordination and most importantly lots of fun!!!


There is no set uniform or shoes to purchase at this stage - the students will need Tap Shoes so I am hoping to source some second hand ones we can look at having for the students to use in class to begin with. Their ballet shoes or sneakers are fine for the Jazz class.

* Class sizes are limited to 13 children per class.

* There is NO enrollment fees, and NO set uniform to wear to class

If you would like to know more please send me an email or give me a call.

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